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The new NSC can be confusing and intimidating at first, but it gets simple.

The first steps are...

Apply here – it will cost $200 and ask for a bunch of company information, but it has a list of what documents you require before applying 

SCAO - Safety Certificate Online (


You also need to make sure you have a bid (as the government is going paperless). follow the prompts and sign up. You will require a password that you may already have or you can submit it to get another one. (takes about a week)

BCeID - Types of BCeID Accounts


It will take about 8 weeks currently for your NSC application to be reviewed.


Once it has been reviewed they will contact you regarding taking a test. One person from your company will be in charge of your carrier test. They should read and study this document.

Carrier Safety Guide, Meeting Your National Safety Code Obligations in British Columbia. (

Here's what we can supply you with:

Company Policy

Supply of Generic company driver policy, editable to you company rules and requirements.


Driver Data

Chart to keep track of driver training and documentation.

Folder set up for document organization.


Vehicle Maintenance

Chart to keep track of vehicle maintenance (all maintenance and repair data).

Supply generic vehicle inspection document, editable to you company rules and requirements.

Folder set up for document organization.

Chart for vehicle inventory list, to keep track of CVIP, Preventive Maintenance Data.

We have 2 options:

Option 1 – We can supply you these docs and you just need to fill in the blanks and add your equipment data to each folder and file, add copies of each driver etc.





Option 2  You can supply us with all the required hard copies of vehicle data, driver data etc. And we can scan and set up everything for you this would be


$85.00 documentation fee

$42.50 an hour for administration, typically takes about 1 hrs per vehicle data entry, document scans, filing etc.



After the initial set up, all that needs to be done is just maintaining the records.

You will also require...

Vehicle maintenance schedule sheets (A, B, C, etc. as per manufacture specifications) can usually be found online or we can create one, they tend to be manufacture specific. You should also ask the company who completes your maintenance. Most shops should have their own sheets when they inspect trucks and trailers. Also, some shops will not accept you supplying them with an inspection document to fill out (as they usually have a flat rate quote for inspections)


Check with your maintenance company first.


If you do not have a Maintenance company, we will be happy to work with you and work on this program together.


Maintenance schedules are usually set up as A, B, C


A’s are 6-month inspection. When you set this up, make sure you start planning for inspections this often for your trucks and trailers.

(Usually, we charge about 2 hrs for this)


B’s are done by engine hours or km's and include all A inspection points but also and engine service, hub oils

 (Depending on the Manufacture, they might want engine service at 250hrs or 500hrs)


C,s are done by engine hours or km's and include  all A, B and change diff oils and transmission oils

 (Depending on the manufacturer, this service is done 1000hrs or 2000hrs or by km’s)

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